Storyjumping Part 16 #DigiWriMo

This is part 16 of a storyjumper for Digital Writing Month.  You can read the other parts here:

Part 1       Bruno’s blog started us off with a personal narrative.
Part 2       Kevin’s blog began the story.
Part 3       Maha’s blog continued…
Part 4       Sarah’s blog…
Part 5       Ron’s blog…
Part 6       Tanya’s blog…
Part 7       Kay’s blog…
Part 8       Ron’s blog…
Part 9       Dana’s blog
Part 10     Tania’s blog
Part 11      Maureen’s blog
Part 12     Sue’s blog
Part 13     Rhonda’s blog
Part 14     Yin Wah Kreher’s blog
Part 15     Scott’s blog
Part 16     Jeffrey’s blog

For a mapping of participants check here. If you would like to participate add your name to the Google Doc.

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A Writing Goal, or Goals, for November

DidYouKnowOk, I always have more I want to write about than I have time in which to do it, but now that #DigiWriMo has officially started, insofar as there is anything official with this online writing / sharing / professional development / community-building / creativity-inducing / entertainment / (and dare I say) self-promotion fest, it only makes sense to start at the beginning.

What do I want to do this for? What are my Digital Writing Month Goals? Hmm, thinking of Kirkpatrick’s evaluation work (something integral to one of the courses I am teaching right now at UMass Boston), it is useful to think about the end at the beginning. So, what do I want my December 1 to look like? Continue readingA Writing Goal, or Goals, for November

An Unofficial CV, at Least for #DigiWriMo

janusI have been known to keep busy, or at least to be rather active with my work and teaching and research, not to mention with social media channels that I use to connect them, family, my two pugs Winston and Banks, reading fantasy and science fiction (between things to clear my mind), puttering about my labyrinth, listening to music from the ’80s that I could not afford to buy at the time, learning how to drum, and the like.

With many of these things floating around, the question of “Who are you?” or better yet, “Who am I?” has always been a struggle. What do I tell people — What I think they want to hear? What I think may be interesting? What I am thinking about right now? How my passions are leading me forward, though in many different directions all at once? All or more of them? I would not be thinking about this at all unless Continue readingAn Unofficial CV, at Least for #DigiWriMo