Storyjumping Part 16 #DigiWriMo

This is part 16 of a storyjumper for Digital Writing Month.  You can read the other parts here:

Part 1       Bruno’s blog started us off with a personal narrative.
Part 2       Kevin’s blog began the story.
Part 3       Maha’s blog continued…
Part 4       Sarah’s blog…
Part 5       Ron’s blog…
Part 6       Tanya’s blog…
Part 7       Kay’s blog…
Part 8       Ron’s blog…
Part 9       Dana’s blog
Part 10     Tania’s blog
Part 11      Maureen’s blog
Part 12     Sue’s blog
Part 13     Rhonda’s blog
Part 14     Yin Wah Kreher’s blog
Part 15     Scott’s blog
Part 16     Jeffrey’s blog

For a mapping of participants check here. If you would like to participate add your name to the Google Doc.

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