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PhD in E-Research and Technology Enhanced Learning (Educational Research) ~ Learning and Development Project Manager (Clinical Education) ~ Internet Researcher ~ Adjunct Professor @NYU & @PaceU in New York City.

Research interests cover educational research and interdisciplinarity. I focus on distance and online learning, internet research, digital identity, social learning and social media, networked and technology enhanced learning, threshold concepts and liminal experiences in higher education, teaching and program design in adult and organizational learning, communities of practice, qualitative methodologies, narrative inquiry, and actor-network theory.

My professional work is at JeffreyKeefer.com

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What Do I Want to for My Blog?

. . . and here I am, only my second day in the Connected Courses experience, and already I am given homework!

via http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-qEy4p86pWdo/Tj3m0w-XqFI/AAAAAAAAnPA/E2SfRrgBg0g/s1600/what%2Bdo%2Byou%2Blike.jpg

via http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-qEy4p86pWdo/Tj3m0w-XqFI/AAAAAAAAnPA/E2SfRrgBg0g/s1600/what%2Bdo%2Byou%2Blike.jpg

What could I have done to deserve this?! I asked for help with my blog, given how it is a bit cluttered and unfocused. No secret there; it has been a bit neglected of late, so why not ask our trusty blogchanics, Click, Link, and Embed, The Connected Brothers for help, and voila!

I thought that  would have been able to read my mind and come to my rescue, or at least assistance, but no . . . they asked me to work for it.

To be fair,  only asked a simple question:

9-10-2014 3-53-58 PM

After all, if I cannot say what I like, then how can I give them what they need to help me get there?

OK, time to roll up my sleeves and try to identify what I like. Here goes.

To my method, I reviewed the 141 blogs (at the time) that are registered in Connected Courses, and noted the ones I was drawn to. This is not content or quality based, but rather the ones that somehow visually drew me in.

I responded to the ones with clear images that are inviting, that capture some thought or mood or interest, and whose layout is clear and easy to follow with clear and uncluttered fonts.

Visually stimulating, not an overwhelming amount of text, with clear purpose and navigation.

These are the ones that I found engaging in a way that I wanted to revisit, to try to understand what they were about, and what I could learn from them through some form of interaction.

9-10-2014 5-26-24 PM

9-10-2014 5-26-18 PM

9-10-2014 5-26-12 PM

9-10-2014 5-27-10 PM 9-10-2014 5-27-05 PM 9-10-2014 5-27-02 PM 9-10-2014 5-26-59 PM 9-10-2014 5-26-55 PM 9-10-2014 5-26-52 PM 9-10-2014 5-26-44 PM 9-10-2014 5-26-41 PM 9-10-2014 5-26-37 PM 9-10-2014 5-26-34 PM

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So, , with these as examples, what can I do to try to make my own blog here easier to follow, and ultimately, to use?ultimately, to use?

Do Connected Courses Connect?

connectIt has been a long time since I posted here. A really long time.

Ok, to be fair, most of the Tweets I do every day (yes, every day) are archived here; they just do not appear on the home page. Nevertheless, I have not developed or shared or expressed any of my thinking here in some time, oddly enough since I completed my doctoral work.

Yes, I am busy. Who is not? I feel pulled in more directions than I can count due to my full-time work as a project manager in healthcare, an adjunct professor teaching graduate research, and hobby engaging in research on how people develop their identity and self-expression through troublesome thresholds concept experiences, especially related to social media and online networks.

Do I have time to blog? Enough to say that could not be better stated in 140 characters? Only time will tell, but with so many interesting people here who are already sharing, supporting, and engaging in research in this area, it is time for me to more explicitly engage in this community and see what I can learn along the way that will improve my teaching, research, work, and overall satisfaction thinking about and implementing stronger connections and networks.

Why not explore all of this with others who are looking at ways of connecting open resources through the Connected Courses community and Fall 2014 experience? This experience has been described as:

Connected Courses is a collaborative community of faculty in higher education developing networked, open courses that embody the principles of connected learning and the values of the open web.

So, here we go!

@Comprof1 Had you taught them before? #AdjunctChat

@Comprof1 Had you taught them before? #AdjunctChat

Q5 What opportunities exist for sharing and networ…

Q5 What opportunities exist for sharing and networking globally? #AdjunctChat

I am Speaking at #BCCAgora Today about #AdjunctChat

I have spent my energies online recently communicating via my Twitter feed and related to #AdjunctChat, so I have not posted anything here directly in some time. That all changes as of today!

I was invited to speak at #BCCAgora today, and while it is happening in real time at Berkeley City College in Berkeley, California, I will be attending, presenting, and discussing online synchronously. The event — A conversation about outsourcing education, higher education culture and adjunctivism — is rather aligned with my increasing interest in adjunct work, most notably related to my ongoing facilitation of the weekly #AdjunctChat and its newer Facebook group.

The focus of my contribution today will be:

What I Learned in #AdjunctChat: Collaboration, Concerns, Disciplinarity, and Equity

There is not a single adjunct, contingent, part-time, visiting, or non-tenure track instructor experience, concern, or issue. Some want to share ideas with others in similar experiences or situations. Others like to focus on issues of access and equity with their full-time and tenured colleagues. Still others are interested in exploring new possibilities that arise through the US higher education focus (though increasingly a global practice) on adjunct instructors teaching the majority of courses, on seemingly all levels, in higher education. Whatever the experience or discipline, I find that those with a passion for teaching and researching their areas of interest bring a keen sense of sharing and collaborating to those who are interested in learning more, regardless of the topic and differences in perspective.

Adjuncts are a curious population of knowledge workers, and the over-reliance on their efforts in academia is fundamentally shifting how we run our programs and learners interact with the public face of their institutions. What this will all mean is anybody’s guess, though being part of the experience makes this a dynamic and exciting time to engage with formal higher education.

I am really looking forward to this opportunity to share some of what I learned, as well as collaborate with others with similar interest. Is anybody wants to follow along, the link to the discussion will be available on the #BCCAgora site. and the tag is #BCCAgora.