An Unofficial CV, at Least for #DigiWriMo

janusI have been known to keep busy, or at least to be rather active with my work and teaching and research, not to mention with social media channels that I use to connect them, family, my two pugs Winston and Banks, reading fantasy and science fiction (between things to clear my mind), puttering about my labyrinth, listening to music from the ’80s that I could not afford to buy at the time, learning how to drum, and the like.

With many of these things floating around, the question of “Who are you?” or better yet, “Who am I?” has always been a struggle. What do I tell people — What I think they want to hear? What I think may be interesting? What I am thinking about right now? How my passions are leading me forward, though in many different directions all at once? All or more of them? I would not be thinking about this at all unless the fine folks behind Digital Writing Month #DigiWriMo not suggested it.

Why I do not really see a need to be any more creative in this than (if?) I am elsewhere, I started with my Twitter profile and thought and thought and thought some more, and realized I really think that does say me.

Educational Researcher | Connected Learner | Actor-Network Theorist | Project Manager | Professor | Exploring assumptions along the learning journey…

Like Janus, the Roman god of beginnings and endings and transitions (what is most attractive for me), I find myself always looking around and feeling I am somehow in transition, and in a related way like to attend to others who experience this as well. This may be why I study liminality and how people make meaning in difficult situations. Even my hobbies and interests somehow fit into this statement.

As to my Twitter, and now my #DigiWriMo bio? Let me restate it in a spirit of creative writing:

I teach, manage, and explore how people learn and make meaning together about topics they are passionate about.

Hmm, those sneaky #DigiWriMo folks got me to tell my story in a somewhat unconventional way after all. Now, to find this ongoing time to write more during November! Perhaps I can rephrase this as something to connect with others about while I try to write that article I have long been putting off due to time and a need to maintain inspiration? Who knows, I may even learn a few things about myself and others in the process? Have to remind myself it is ok to do this without comparing my successes or struggles with others; my journey = my terms!

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