Storyjumping Part 16 #DigiWriMo

This is part 16 of a storyjumper for Digital Writing Month.  You can read the other parts here:

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. . . so with little else to think about, Kevin started to listen closely, not for very much longer, as the void would be calling, and he jumped up and did the Time Warp Again.

Resting for a moment, Kevin thought to himself that he could do anything, and taking Sarah by the hand, he jumped up again and they both turned, and . . .

there he was. Who was it? Foreigners? A handyman? The candy man? One hell of a lover?

So filled with antici . . .

. . . pation . . .

They danced and ate and drank with their new friend until he had to leave.

Odd fellow, but fun in his own way, Kevin and Sarah felt their minds expanded and uplifted, wider to new experiences and open to new ideas.

No better time to read Whitman. Always a favorite in graduate school, it has only been after years of study that he realized not judging a book by its cover was something Whitman problematized two hundred years ago when he linked himself with his own single verse of poetry. Ahh, the Live-Oak!


With relief and energy, Kevin and Sarah found that their singing and dancing and verse occupied their time until BAMM! They were right here in the middle of Times Square! With its costumed characters, Disney musicals, and theme restaurants, they looked at one another and yelled out . . .

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