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Perspectives on social media in and as research: A synthetic review – An Article Review

While yesterday was a day to celebrate our current and past presidents, I was able to engage in a bit of reading. Thus, a new article review on a topic of great interest and importance to me — the differences between using social media and researching social media — along with many other issues related […]

Lessons Learned from Using Shadowing as a Qualitative Research Technique in Education: An Article Summary

I was unable to post this yesterday due to many work tasks in the morning, so continuing my #5Papers focus with this great methodological article today.

1/ I read Ferguson (2016) Lessons learned from using shadowing as a qualitative research technique in Education


January Reading via #5Papers

I have felt some well-intended pressure to read more in 2016, and while I am attending a bit with #SixtyBooks (to read 60 books in a year, an ambitious goal beyond my time and wherewithal) by committing to reading 24 books (2 books a month), I DO want to read and share more research articles.


Let’s Make Article Summaries! Thoughts on Ragged Edges

I have been tossing around this idea in various forms for some time now, and find a number of influences–Twitter Journal Club, #CLmooc (we make learning!), Shut Up And Read!, That new habit, and even #365Papers–all of which revolve around sharing some of the really great reading we do with others, specifically the academic, research-oriented […]

Research Evaluation Tools for Articles in the Social Sciences (DRAFT)

UPDATED on September 9, 2013:

These tools were again revised, with the current version on my Research Tools page. Feedback is always appreciated.

UPDATED on August 21, 2013:

Based on some very helpful feedback, I revised these two tools:

Qualitative Research Evaluation Tool for Articles in the Social Sciences (DRAFT v12) Quantitative Research Evaluation Tool […]