Lessons Learned from Using Shadowing as a Qualitative Research Technique in Education: An Article Summary

meerkat-255564_1280I was unable to post this yesterday due to many work tasks in the morning, so continuing my #5Papers focus with this great methodological article today.

1/ I read Ferguson (2016) Lessons learned from using shadowing as a qualitative research technique in Education Continue readingLessons Learned from Using Shadowing as a Qualitative Research Technique in Education: An Article Summary

3 Haiku: Hope, Dream, Fear

haikuI came across a reference to writing Haiku today related to #CLmooc, somehow connected with #PoetryFriday, and also connected with The Dreams of Dragonflies: A Game about Death Poems (a nicely creative way of writing and discussing haiku through a simple game), and was inspired to try my hand at writing these poems. Remember Haiku, with 5-7-5 syllables?

Not sure how I came up with 3 Haiku, but that is what I decided to write, one each about Continue reading3 Haiku: Hope, Dream, Fear

Let’s play a game (or at least write a Poem about it)

game_of_thronesI have been thinking about Make Cycle #3: Level Up Your Game Design! that begins this week, and found myself chatting about games, which all got me thinking about what we learn and their effects on us. Mind you, I do not use games when I teach or learn, though i have somehow been engaged in thinking about this all day, especially about how I do not really find games . . . engaging.

Inspired me to write a poem as I strive to process Continue readingLet’s play a game (or at least write a Poem about it)

What do I want to do next? A Poem

happenI have been thinking a log about my work, career, teaching, learning, and accomplishing my PhD, all of which leave me wondering about my next steps. Perhaps this is (not) helped with the creative juices in #CLmooc, but Continue readingWhat do I want to do next? A Poem

Intentions for 2013

intentionWhile I have not written a lot here at Silence and Voice recently, I have otherwise been writing extensively on Twitter recently as well as writing my doctoral thesis. With this said, I am taking a quick break from my other writing to sort my goals for 2013, something I will instead set as intentions (a bit more positive and without the guilt commonly associated with settings goals seeing how tough these are to follow through on).

I am including things that are realistic and will help me to be a better, more balanced person. I am framing these as things to reach for (positive) as opposed to behaviors to stop (negative). I intend to do these things this year, 2013:

I will Finish my Doctoral Thesis

Before anything else, I will finish my PhD in E-Research and Technology Enhanced Learning (Educational Research) at Lancaster University in 2013. All of my being and attention is oriented toward this first intention.

I will Publish an Article

Once I complete my thesis, I will publish at least one article based on my research. This does not mean it needs to come out in print in 2013 (not possible given the lead time), but something will be accepted or in-process (even with revisions requested). Too often I do research and do not publish the findings after presenting them at conferences or collaborate on articles with others, though I want to develop my own research stream. I will change this pattern of behavior with my doctoral thesis work.

I will Build a Consistent Online Presence

I am quite active on Twitter, though want to have a more consistent presence on LinkedIn, Academia.edu, and ResearchGate. This also includes my own professional website. Moreover, it does not simply mean current information, but a consistent sense of presence, voice, and intention regarding my professional interests, research, and identity.

If this Ambien Without a Prescription does not happen, then the person gets addiction, (this is described in the instruction), similar to narcotic drugs addiction.

I will drink 2 liters of Water Each Day

I believe water is valuable for good health, and while I have been gradually increasing my daily intake, I do not think it has been sufficient and balanced. This amount comes from a combination of the Institute of Medicine‘s recommendation, minus the amount of other things (coffee, juice, food) I consume for the remainder of what I need. I believe this will help my body to begin to better self-regulate and find balance, something that will hopefully permeate other part of my life.

Let the new year proceed, and may we live in interesting times.