Research Evaluation Tools for Articles in the Social Sciences (DRAFT)

UPDATED on September 9, 2013:

These tools were again revised, with the current version on my Research Tools page.
Feedback is always appreciated.

UPDATED on August 21, 2013:

Based on some very helpful feedback, I revised these two tools:

As before, feedback will be most appreciated.


I am in the process of creating 2 tools to help my graduate research students assess and evaluate research studies, and am interested in getting some feedback on them. They are:

While I have seen various tools for specific purposes, I have not seen many that were intended for general use in the social sciences. Furthermore, while these cannot be applied to every qualitative or quantitative study in the social sciences, they are intended to be applicable to most of them.

Do these work? Are they helpful? Is there anything major missing or that should be combined, edited, or refined? Any feedback at all will be most appreciated.

Once I finalize these, I will make them freely available under a Creative Commons license.

30 thoughts on “Research Evaluation Tools for Articles in the Social Sciences (DRAFT)

  1. My suggestions on the Qual research tool: #9 could be clearer eg: Has the problem that led to the research being undertaken been stated clearly?
    And perhaps #11 Does the introduction identify how this study is situated in relation to the literature?
    For the Quant tool, as with my comment above, just wondered about simplifying the language of literature deficiencies.
    My colleague who works in this area responded to me with: “I do like the evaluation docs eg Do the authors have the necessary qualifications! “

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