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Introducing Twitter as an assessed component of the undergraduate nursing curriculum: case study – An Article Review

nurse_social_mediaThankful for one of my colleagues (who I somehow was not following on Twitter, but that is now all settled!) Ian Guest for pointing this article out to me, as it is somewhat consistent with some of my Twitter extra credit work for my nursing and management students.

1/ I read Jones, Kelsey, Nelmes, Chinn, Chinn, & Proctor-Childs (2016)…

2/ …Introducing Twitter as an assessed component of the undergraduate nursing curriculum: case study doi: 10.1111/jan.12935

3/ This study on Twitter use in undergraduate nursing just came out, and is similar to my nursing extra credit

4/ This study intended to determine the feasibility of including Twitter as an assessed element in a first-year nursing course

5/ If #nursing student Twitter use can be assessed, and if students learn anything with it or find it useful

6/ I like the article’s clear statements of why this research was needed, its findings, and implications for practice

7/ While #nurses may be late adopters,  digital practice enhances nurse employability and digital professionalism

8/ This case study presented the research methods well, including charts with the questions asked and analyzed findings

9/ Findings included Twitter use in the course worthwhile and an opportunity for personal and professional learning

10/ Nursing students who are guided and supported find the benefits of Twitter to exceed the potential challenges with it

11/ I recommend this article doi: 10.1111/jan.12935 to my own #NURS840 and #NURS761 learners to compare to their own experiences


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