A Shameful Day to Be A Republican

my_tombstoneAlas, I was a lifelong Republican, though with the rise of rabid anti-gay fundamentalism and the suspicion of those who are not white, conservative, gun-loving, climate-change-denying, Christians, I cannot fathom what my political idols, Lincoln or (yes, indeed, this it true) Reagan would think about the rise of the Republican Party’s de facto nominee Trump’s “I’d like to punch him in the face” to the Senate’s refusal to even talk about or open for a vote the new Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland, a patriot and good man if ever there was one.

What, Mitch McConnell won’t even speak with the man who ran the Oklahoma City bombing and Unabomber investigations? Has politics made the Republican Party more American than America itself? I rarely criticize politics in this way, but I feel so disgusted I can almost scream.


5 thoughts on “A Shameful Day to Be A Republican

  1. I am sure I wouldn’t share your politics if I lived in America but I share your concerns and empathise with your frustration. I think that your country will be damaged by Trump’s leadership of the Republican party whether he comes to power – scary thought – or doesn’t where he can’t provide an effective opposition that also impacts on who is elected. It seems like lose lose to me. Meanwhile the world looks on with horror wondering how it will impact global affairs. I have to say he makes Silvia Berlusconi look like a statesman and honest broker.

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