Sometimes I know what I don’t know

This poem comes from a week of struggling with Make Cycle #2: Re(MEDIA)te With Me. I have struggled with this topic Continue readingSometimes I know what I don’t know

Identity Shattering in (sorta) Six Words: A Poem

identityOK, given the recent #CLmooc meme on CLMOOC Identity Shattering in Six Words I accepted @NomadWarMachine‘s challenge to create a #clPoem for this. I hope @grammasheri finds this an interesting addition!

The parameters include:

Challenge: Consider your beliefs. Using six words, arrange them as phrases read horizontally and vertically to express an essence of your identity.

So, here goes my attempt, Continue readingIdentity Shattering in (sorta) Six Words: A Poem

Make Cycle One: My UnIntroduction

stone_inuksukWe are finally up to our First Make Cycle in #CLmooc!

With this challenge, I will again reply with a poem, (following what I did here and here), maintaining my own response to Continue readingMake Cycle One: My UnIntroduction

This here is my first poem in years

pencil_graph_paperWhile still waiting for the first #CLmooc Make Cycle, I am trying a little making of my own. As I said in my Connected Learning as Poetry post last week, I will explore making poetry over the next couple of weeks.

So, here Continue readingThis here is my first poem in years