I know stuff, but what do I know?

Perhaps my reMEDIAtion this week comes in a pair of poems? This is a follow-up to my other poem, Sometimes I know what I don’t know.

I know stuff, but what do I know?

I know stuff, but what do I know?
I know I try, 
but what happens when others don’t see,
or understand?
Is that on me or them?
Perhaps it depends on who leads, 
who has power, 
or prestige, 
or numbers, 
or the favor of the tastemakers.
Will this affect my job, 
present or future, 
or publishing, societies, conferences, or affect?
How can I communicate what I know, 
contributing as I may, or can, or will?
How can I traverse that gap between 
(research) evidence and practice?
If not in reality, at least in perception?

I wonder if this stuggle has led to both works, and that in itself is my struggle?

Again, not quite ready for sharing, but I wanted to share it anyway.

8 thoughts on “I know stuff, but what do I know?

  1. These lines made me pause:

    “Perhaps it depends on who leads,
    who has power,”

    There is more truth there than I’d like to think. It’s interesting to think about ideas and reMEDIAtion. When I think about the internet and the way we collaborate, discuss, and learn, there is an abundance of reMEDIATing of ideas. ReMEDIAtion can make ideas stronger. Often, it is those with power that are the most heard. Perhaps, in some ways, working digitally levels this power a bit. Perhaps?


    1. Cathy, power is an insidious thing, in that it holds sway over some though may not be even seen by others. Perhaps it is related to our priorities and values?

  2. traverse that gap between
    this space and that learning,
    dip your toes into the unknown
    in order to see what often remains
    these breadcrumbs we leave behind
    signal reminders on the map
    of where we’ve been but also show
    where we are

    PS — lifted a line from your poem to construct a poem of my own.

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