Identity Shattering in (sorta) Six Words: A Poem

identityOK, given the recent #CLmooc meme on CLMOOC Identity Shattering in Six Words I accepted @NomadWarMachine‘s challenge to create a #clPoem for this. I hope @grammasheri finds this an interesting addition!

The parameters include:

Challenge: Consider your beliefs. Using six words, arrange them as phrases read horizontally and vertically to express an essence of your identity.

So, here goes my attempt, in the form of a Poem:

Identity Shattering in (sorta) Six Words: A Poem

Inquire Often.
Embrace Liminality.


[So as to fit to the guideline,
I also share this sideline:]


Inquire          Often
  [and]           Reflect
Embrace      Liminality


[To which this to read,
top to end, indeed:]


Inquire and Embrace the Journey,
Often Reflect on Liminality.

Who ever said poetry is easy?!

I hope this may give a slight insight into me and an aspect of my identity, or at least how I perceive myself at this moment.

50 thoughts on “Identity Shattering in (sorta) Six Words: A Poem

  1. Thank you for taking the time to create such an awesome #clPoem on identity. I learned a new word – liminality. Sort of like living in the now so you can make it from the past and into the future.

    It could also be: Inquire often, embrace liminality, reflect on the journey.

    We are in a liminal period at my school — where old school ways are being challenged through the possibilities of technology to enhance the teacher and learner experience. It’s a transition resisted by some who are unable to embrace liminality. Thank you for your time and your wisdom. Perfect poetry!

    1. Thanks for the idea of this, Sheri, and for remixing my work. Love your suggestion!!

      Liminal spaces are tough when we are in them, though that is where most powerful learning can take place . . .

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