Holiday in Paris, 2010

I finally finished uploading the pictures I took while we were in Paris for vacation / holiday at the beginning of September, 2010. This was the third leg in our rapid trip after a day each in Munich and Zurich. Paris really is a most magical place, and while this was not my first time there, it was the first time I ever slowed down enough to really enjoy the city.

Click this picture of the Louvre to see the whole set.


Munich > Zurich > Paris

Preparing to take my first vacation in 3 years (not including conference and work travel, of course; they are work to some extent after all!), we are traveling to Munich, Zurich, and Paris. In a week. With an excursion to Rouen to see the show Une ville pour l’Impressionnisme: Monet, Pissarro et Gauguin à Rouen as part of the Normandy Impressionist Festival this is shaping up to be a wonderful trip!