Holiday in Paris, 2010

I finally finished uploading the pictures I took while we were in Paris for vacation / holiday at the beginning of September, 2010. This was the third leg in our rapid trip after a day each in Munich and Zurich. Paris really is a most magical place, and while this was not my first time there, it was the first time I ever slowed down enough to really enjoy the city.

Click this picture of the Louvre to see the whole set.


The Mourners at the Met

Mourner-with-drawn-hood-reading-a-bookI needed to take a break from my paper (with its final version due this Monday), so I decided to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art,  my favorite museum that happens to be right here in New York.

What a surprise when I stumbled across one of the best (small) exhibits I have ever encountered, The Mourners: Tomb Sculptures from the Court of Burgundy. This exhibit is the first time these sculptures have been separated from the tomb in Burgundy they have been mourning for hundreds of years. Arranged in 2 rows, they walk and mourn in silence, doing what people have done for thousands of years–remember those who have come before. They are carved in amazing detail, only 16 inches tall, and arranged in th