Munich > Zurich > Paris

Preparing to take my first vacation in 3 years (not including conference and work travel, of course; they are work to some extent after all!), we are traveling to Munich, Zurich, and Paris. In a week. With an excursion to Rouen to see the show Une ville pour l’Impressionnisme: Monet, Pissarro et Gauguin à Rouen as part of the Normandy Impressionist Festival this is shaping up to be a wonderful trip!

3 thoughts on “Munich > Zurich > Paris

  1. Oh my God, 3 weeks in Europe & I’m just finishing up 2 weeks on the Jersey shore. Well, by all means do enjoy yourself & hard as it may be try not to miss your friends back home. Peace Bill Mann

    1. @Bill Mann

      Goodness, 3 weeks?! I wish!! This is all within 1 week, I am afraid. Can always plan for a multi-week in the future!

      Hope you are enjoying your holiday as well.


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