Munich Photos

I uploaded pictures from my trip to Munich on Monday, 30 August, and they are all available on Flickr. Visiting the Nymphenburg Palace (and the wonderful porcelain workshop there), Marienplatz, Frauenkirche, Hofbräuhaus, and the surrounding city. I am fortunate that this was my second time visiting Munich this year, and as it is becoming an increasingly important airline hub from New York to Europe, I hope to visit it again.

By the way, while I did visit and eat at Hofbräuhaus, I drank red wine there (no surprise?!).

Munich, Germany, August 2010

Munich > Zurich > Paris

Preparing to take my first vacation in 3 years (not including conference and work travel, of course; they are work to some extent after all!), we are traveling to Munich, Zurich, and Paris. In a week. With an excursion to Rouen to see the show Une ville pour l’Impressionnisme: Monet, Pissarro et Gauguin à Rouen as part of the Normandy Impressionist Festival this is shaping up to be a wonderful trip!