Networked Learning Conference 2012 Paper Accepted

I am happy to share that the paper I co-authored for the 8th International Conference on Networked Learning in Maastricht, The Netherlands was just accepted. My co-author, Gale Parchoma, and I have it tentatively titled Contested disciplinarity in international doctoral supervision, and it is scheduled to be part of a symposium–Transdisciplinary research in technology enhanced/networked learning practices.

This is indeed good news, especially since my last post On Conference Paper Rejection was all about the opposite experience!

Anybody else planning to attend #nlc2012 from 2-4 April 2012?

Hot Seat #2 ~ Nets, Sets, and Groups ~ Begins Today

Today begins the second of the Hot Seat discussions in preparation for the Networked Learning 2012 Conference. This time, Terry Anderson and Jon Dron are planning to speak about Nets, Sets, and Groups — a model in one of their articles that they will build on and expand upon through a week of asynchronous discussion (after a recorded synchronous session today).

While this week’s online discussion happens the week of American Thanksgiving, it will be well-worth spending some time with. I think Terry and Jon have their hand on the pulse of how networked learning is changing and developing the approach to distributed and distance in higher education, and that is certainly something we all need to know more about.

Hope to see some of my #change11 and #phdchat colleagues there!



Networked Learning Conference – Synchronous Discussion on November 20

The Hot Seats series of online discussions preceding the 2012 Networked Learning Conference will have a synchronous discussion with Terry Anderson & Jon Dron (both at Athabasca University) on Sunday, November 20, at 1:00 MST via Blackboard Collaborate to begin their week of asynchronous discussion, “Nets, sets and groups. Different tools for different contexts.”

As some of the emphasis in the #nlc2012 overlaps that of the #change11 MOOC, I am looking forward to seeing how they complement one another and help me to move my research along. I hope to see some of my colleagues there!