Networked Learning Conference “Hot Seats” Now Open

The Hot Seats, an informal and free series of online discussions by international researchers in the area of networked learning, are about to begin in the Hot Seats Ning page. This is a lead-in to the 8th International Conference on Networked Learning, scheduled for Maastricht in April 2012.

What is networked learning? According the call for papers (which are due in about two weeks), networked learning is:

learning and teaching carried out largely via the Internet/Web which emphasises dialogical learning, collaborative and cooperative learning, group work, interaction with on-line materials, knowledge production and design for learning

Participation in these online discussions, based around the research of a number of very interesting scholars and led by the authors themselves, is open to anybody; conference registration is not required.

While this is more focused than the #change11 MOOC that is stretching over the same period, there may be an interesting overlap between participants in both online learning events.

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    1. You are not alone on this one. I am working on a paper with a colleague for this, and have another paper in the works I hope to also submit as a single-author one (though time is flying by, evidenced with a few days it took me to reply to you!!).


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