Networked Learning Conference 2012 Paper Accepted

I am happy to share that the paper I co-authored for the 8th International Conference on Networked Learning in Maastricht, The Netherlands was just accepted. My co-author, Gale Parchoma, and I have it tentatively titled Contested disciplinarity in international doctoral supervision, and it is scheduled to be part of a symposium–Transdisciplinary research in technology enhanced/networked learning practices.

This is indeed good news, especially since my last post On Conference Paper Rejection was all about the opposite experience!

Anybody else planning to attend #nlc2012 from 2-4 April 2012?

Doctoral Thesis (Dissertation) Research – Approved to Begin

I just received final ethical (institutional review board) approval to begin my thesis research!

After adding one sentence to address data encryption, I revised and resubmitted my Invitation to Participate  and Consent Form for my study, Navigating Liminality in Distance Education: The Experiences of Research and Professional Doctorate Learners. I am now ready to go, and expect to create a location for my research information here on my webpage, after which I will talk more specifically about what I hope to study and how I plan to do this.

If you are a doctoral student (or recently completed your doctorate), you just may be a potential participants for my research!  I may ask you to tell me about your experiences . . .