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I uploaded pictures from my trip to Munich on Monday, 30 August, and they are all available on Flickr. Visiting the Nymphenburg Palace (and the wonderful porcelain workshop there), Marienplatz, Frauenkirche, Hofbräuhaus, and the surrounding city. I am fortunate that this was my second time visiting Munich this year, and as it is becoming an increasingly important airline hub from New York to Europe, I hope to visit it again.

By the way, while I did visit and eat at Hofbräuhaus, I drank red wine there (no surprise?!).

Munich, Germany, August 2010

7 thoughts on “Munich Photos

  1. Work placement for my first degree (I used to be a technical illustrator). I was there through the summer which was great. Lived not far from Nymphenburg – great place for hot, lazy weekends.

    1. @Andy Coverdale

      That must have been wonderful. Alas, I did not travel much when I was younger, and feel I am making up for it now. It has only been in the last couple of years, and especially since beginning my degree at Lancaster in the UK, that I ever thought of realistically traveling in Europe for conferences, though it has been my vacation destination (when I am able to take holiday) for about the past decade.

      Do you still travel much?


        1. @Andy Coverdale

          Odd, as I have my last 2010 conference coming up in October, I already missed a deadline for one conference for next year, and another one is quickly approaching. How quickly time flies!


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