Another Day Waiting



Stay here and wait.

Go to lunch and then come back here to wait.

So are the challenges of being on jury duty for a second day.

So far they have kept us here without any new cases and, in fact, little indication of what to expect for the remainder of the day. This seems like it would be a wonderful activity for a contemplative or meditative sort, one who uses such times as opportunities to reflect and grow internally. I wonder if they ever considered yoga sessions here, since people have been surprisingly quiet.

Granted, I see myself as a reflective practitioner, both theoretically as well as practically. I like the act and reflect and revise and act cycle (which can also have evaluative elements, among others, included), but there is a limit to the amount of computer work I can do while using an insecure wifi connection that has been iffy at best today. Of course this could always be worse, and I did use lunch as an opportunity to eat in Little Italy today . . .

Ahh, there was just a call from a courtroom, so they will again shuffle our ballots (like shuffling cards, literally) and call a group of us.

I will hurry and post this and then continue to post, as possible, via Twitter. I have grown to like that microblogging moblog application!


Wifi Trouble at the NY State Supreme Court

While wifi worked well for a short time this morning, it seems to now be down. I will continue to liveblog using Windows Live Writer and upload as network access becomes available.

I am typing this in a small room they have off to the side with some cubicles and some laptops. Very glad I brought my own.

Now that I am thinking about this, I believe my liveblogging experience here during jury duty will help my upcoming liveblogging presentation at Northern Voice 2008. I was planning to just talk about liveblogging using Ecto (formerly my favorite liveblogging and offline blogging application), but Ecto has not been updated in some time and does not run very well with Windows Vista. Their website states it will be updated, but the only indication I have for this is the set of Mac-based screen shots. I will thus plan to learn a lot about Windows Live Writer as a liveblogging tool, and will probably explore FireFox’s ScribeFire more as well.

Wifi is available again, so let me post this . . .


Good Morning, Jurors

We handed in our jury selection paperwork and were explained as to our functions and the particulars about serving jury duty for the New York State Supreme Court. We were told how we will be expected to sit in on a number of trials until either we get selected for one or get dismissed tomorrow afternoon.

At least they allow computers and have freely available wifi. Nice to see my taxes at work. I just hope I get either dismissed or otherwise able to get to my new Business Communication class I am teaching on time tonight.

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Reporting for Jury Duty

I arrived to 111 Centre street for jury duty. After going through security and having my bag x-rayed, I arrived on the 11th floor and was greeted with a documentary film on justice. Ed Bradley narrated this film and spoke about trial by ordeal, the Code of Hammarabi, and justice during Medieval France and England.

The film is surprisingly good. There are video and movie clips, an engaging explanation of trial by ordeal (including a movie clip of being bound and thrown into the water to see if the person sinks and is therefore innocent). I learned about the important role of a jury, and how jurors are the only ones in the system who are entrusted with the ability and responsibility to determine truth and falsehood according to the laws and how people do and do not act in accordance with them.

This will be an interesting experience, and I will attempt to liveblog it as much as possible. I am using Windows Live Writer for this.

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Northern Voice 2008

I am considering attending Northern Voice 2008 in February. This is a Canadian blogging and social media conference that is very personal and personable. I met wonderful people there and had the opportunity to learn from many people who are very active in blogging, educational technology, and technology / social media consulting. I am considering proposing two ideas for discussion for the conference, both issues that I would like to discuss with others and learn more about (not to mention eventually research):

  1. Liveblogging – lots of people blog about events and conference while they are happening in real time, but there is little research about it. What do we know and what can we learn about this? Are there standards we can follow? Is there a way to make this more efficient or effective or useful for people? Are there limits in and around this?
  2. Tagging – we can tag blog posts, images, and even personal information. Are there any standards out there that can universally help people find this information? Should there be? How are people handling this now, and what else can we learn about this to make it more useful for others in our increasingly “social media” society? This issue was recently raised during a session in SCoPE, and I hope we can continue it F2F with others who could not join us online.

I hope others are interested in these two topics as well! I will propose them and hope for the best.

Northern Voice 2008

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