Reporting for Jury Duty

I arrived to 111 Centre street for jury duty. After going through security and having my bag x-rayed, I arrived on the 11th floor and was greeted with a documentary film on justice. Ed Bradley narrated this film and spoke about trial by ordeal, the Code of Hammarabi, and justice during Medieval France and England.

The film is surprisingly good. There are video and movie clips, an engaging explanation of trial by ordeal (including a movie clip of being bound and thrown into the water to see if the person sinks and is therefore innocent). I learned about the important role of a jury, and how jurors are the only ones in the system who are entrusted with the ability and responsibility to determine truth and falsehood according to the laws and how people do and do not act in accordance with them.

This will be an interesting experience, and I will attempt to liveblog it as much as possible. I am using Windows Live Writer for this.

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