Another Day Waiting



Stay here and wait.

Go to lunch and then come back here to wait.

So are the challenges of being on jury duty for a second day.

So far they have kept us here without any new cases and, in fact, little indication of what to expect for the remainder of the day. This seems like it would be a wonderful activity for a contemplative or meditative sort, one who uses such times as opportunities to reflect and grow internally. I wonder if they ever considered yoga sessions here, since people have been surprisingly quiet.

Granted, I see myself as a reflective practitioner, both theoretically as well as practically. I like the act and reflect and revise and act cycle (which can also have evaluative elements, among others, included), but there is a limit to the amount of computer work I can do while using an insecure wifi connection that has been iffy at best today. Of course this could always be worse, and I did use lunch as an opportunity to eat in Little Italy today . . .

Ahh, there was just a call from a courtroom, so they will again shuffle our ballots (like shuffling cards, literally) and call a group of us.

I will hurry and post this and then continue to post, as possible, via Twitter. I have grown to like that microblogging moblog application!