Tagging: The Book

taggingbook1.jpgWell, it should not come as a surprise that a new book on tagging was just released: Tagging: People-powered Metadata for the Social Web. I have not read it yet, but thought the review on LibraryThingmade the book seem interesting enough to warrant my ordering it. As tagging is something about which I am both very interested as well as somewhat confused. Perhaps Gene Smith, the author, will be able to help me demystify it.

I wonder if he is planning to attend Northern Voice 2008, too?

Northern Voice 2008

I am considering attending Northern Voice 2008 in February. This is a Canadian blogging and social media conference that is very personal and personable. I met wonderful people there and had the opportunity to learn from many people who are very active in blogging, educational technology, and technology / social media consulting. I am considering proposing two ideas for discussion for the conference, both issues that I would like to discuss with others and learn more about (not to mention eventually research):

  1. Liveblogging – lots of people blog about events and conference while they are happening in real time, but there is littl