Wifi Trouble at the NY State Supreme Court

While wifi worked well for a short time this morning, it seems to now be down. I will continue to liveblog using Windows Live Writer and upload as network access becomes available.

I am typing this in a small room they have off to the side with some cubicles and some laptops. Very glad I brought my own.

Now that I am thinking about this, I believe my liveblogging experience here during jury duty will help my upcoming liveblogging presentation at Northern Voice 2008. I was planning to just talk about liveblogging using Ecto (formerly my favorite liveblogging and offline blogging application), but Ecto has not been updated in some time and does not run very well with Windows Vista. Their website states it will be updated, but the only indication I have for this is the set of Mac-based screen shots. I will thus plan to learn a lot about Windows Live Writer as a liveblogging tool, and will probably explore FireFox’s ScribeFire more as well.

Wifi is available again, so let me post this . . .