Let’s play a game (or at least write a Poem about it)

game_of_thronesI have been thinking about Make Cycle #3: Level Up Your Game Design! that begins this week, and found myself chatting about games, which all got me thinking about what we learn and their effects on us. Mind you, I do not use games when I teach or learn, though i have somehow been engaged in thinking about this all day, especially about how I do not really find games . . . engaging.

Inspired me to write a poem as I strive to process my thoughts . . .


Let’s play a game

Let’s play a game, 
and spend time together,
enjoy company with one another. 
Shall we play online or off?
With cards or boards, 
sticks or balls, 
words or symbols,
fast or slow,
strategy or chance,
visual, sounds, or sweat;
take your choice. 
We will have fun. 
Strive for our best.
Climb higher than ever.
Until I start to lose. 
My chances dim.
The luck runs out.
My time is at an end.
You got me. 
Fun for you, perhaps, 
but who likes to lose?
We all win some and lose some, but why return?
Compete with ourselves or each other,
few play to lose. 
We can learn from our time,
process and think, 
debrief our steps and 
embrace our experiences. 
Until the siren comes and calls us back,
all so we can play and win 
another day.

5 thoughts on “Let’s play a game (or at least write a Poem about it)

  1. I found myself chatting
    alone, with myself,
    just words on the page,
    as if some invisible audience was attending
    to what I was saying,
    and it was only when I hit the escape key
    did I realize that I had been alone
    that whole time,
    just me and some words, and now
    the words were gone,
    leaving just me and my thoughts.

    — Line Lifting on a Blog Walk on CLMOOC Friday Morning

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