3 Haiku: Hope, Dream, Fear

haikuI came across a reference to writing Haiku today related to #CLmooc, somehow connected with #PoetryFriday, and also connected with The Dreams of Dragonflies: A Game about Death Poems (a nicely creative way of writing and discussing haiku through a simple game), and was inspired to try my hand at writing these poems. Remember Haiku, with 5-7-5 syllables?

Not sure how I came up with 3 Haiku, but that is what I decided to write, one each about my hopes, my dreams, and my fears, all based around the central notion of networked and connected learning, networking and connecting, and otherwise being creative in an open and collaborative way such as within #CLmooc itself.

Here they are:



Hope makes me feel safe
in a future place or time,
like warm puppy breath.


I dream ideas
that I neither know nor see,
like living networks.


Fear consumes and harms
our countenance, without it
we can move on up.


Forgot how powerful the experience of writing Haiku can be.

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