Open Education and Critical Pedagogy: A Brief Paper Summary

Continuing my #5Papers article summaries I am doing and sharing on my blog and via Twitter,

1/ I read Farrow (2015) Open education and critical pedagogy #5Papers

2/ This theoretical work explored elements of open education and critical pedagogy, given neither term has fixed, stable meanings

3/ Digitization of learning resources and internet technologies shift learning possibilities for students, institutions, and corporate ventures alike

4/ Models for open education disrupt learning frames, with those who capitalize on them having new areas of opportunity

5/ Critical pedagogy has disputed notions of emancipation critique and its oppressiveness in education

6/ The shifting nature of openness presents new opportunities for theory, research, and most importantly practice

7/ Glad to see references to @gsiemens @oldaily #ds106 and various #moocmooc. I think #rhizo16 may extend these notions

8/ I wonder if readers agree the ‘bazaar’ model of open education is more democratic and engaging; perhaps depends on how defined?


These are the questions that I use to guide my summary:

  1. Reference to the Article
  2. What attracted me to this Article?
  3. What is it about (Problem / Purpose / Research Questions)?
  4. Where does this come from (Literature / Theoretical Framework)?
  5. What did they do (Methodology & Method)?
  6. What did they learn (Results / Discussion)?
  7. What did I learn?

To see more about what I am attempting to do with Research Summaries, see my #5Papers page or check out my other ones here.

Any feedback, thoughts, ideas, or suggestions are appreciated!