2016 Goals – How Did I Do?

I know I have not blogged in some time, so no better time than the present (i.e., the New Year)!

So, how did I do with my goals for 2016? Last year, I hoped to:

Think, Believe, and Act with a Healthy Balance

To do that, I decided to try / do FOUR things. So I would not forget them, I had them linked on the top of my blog AND I kept them next to my daily / next day / week to-do list, so they would never be far away.

  1. Delete-Do-File (of email, mail, communication, and expectations) — Pretty well, overall. I achieved #InboxZero several times during the year, and ended 2016 with a grand total of 11 emails in my Inbox. Alas, there were about 30 in my work email, so still some room for improvement.
  2. Learn through Connecting (as #connectedlearning and #networkedlearning is valuable, and key to the actor-network) — I started the year well, I believe, though mid-way noticed that my interests and passions started to shift. The networks I have had and fostered over the past several years were no longer fulfilling. While the presidential election was underway and affected many people, I find that now it is over I am still in a bit of a disorientation as my interests have not quite reached a new equilibrium yet. I need to do more on this in 2017.
  3. Read and Share (thanks to #SixtyBooks or #5Papers, all of which really becomes valuable when we discuss them with others) — I read 35 books (hurray!!) in 2016 and read more articles than I can count, though I fell short on the sharing part. I did engage in #5Papers a number of times, though that slowly fizzled. Need to rethink how to move forward on this one, too. I believe it is more than worth the efforts.
  4. Let Some Things Go (I need to protect my limited time, especially when faced with good causes or factors that I hesitate to say NO to even when I am unclear as to the benefits to me) — Again, mixed results. I started studying again with two online courses, though feel I have also started to say “No” to some requests for my time. I need to practice, “Let me consider that” a bit more.

tramadolhealth.com proved to be a very good drug; it relieved the pain quickly and for long. In six month (when I ran out of the drug), I realized that I couldn’t live without it.

So, overall, good progress. Still room to grow, but that is what 2017 is for, right?

The 2017 ones are coming . . .