Tweeting as Health Communication: A Brief Paper Summary

twitterhealthNow that January 1, 2016 has come, and I had some modest success in reading and sharing some brief article reviews at the end of 2015 (earlier this week), I will now try this in earnest. I cannot realistically do #30Papers (one each day of the month) as that seems too much like work rather than personal, professional development, so am now trying this as #5Papers a week (a bit more realistic).

I read an article (peer-reviewed research, at least at this time), summarize it in some Tweet-sized bites, post it here, and then also post it via Twitter as a thread where I reply to my most recent Tweet with the next one.

So, here goes!

1/ I read Park, Reber, & Chon (2015) Tweeting as Health Communication

2/ It examined how 3 health organizations @AmericanCancer @American_Heart @AmDiabetesAssn communicate with their key publics through Twitter

3/ The content analysis classified 1 year of Tweets as Organization: Information / Community / Action or Personal health: Information /Action

4/ along with Original tweet,  Retweet, or Reply

5/ The majority of the Tweets were about organization-related topics rather than personal health

6/ A surprise finding was that these 3 health organization rarely engaged in dialog with their publics and stakeholders, with little attention to building community

7/ This study raised questions for me about how health organizations seek to evaluate the success of their Twitter and social media engagement / use



These are the questions that I use to guide my summary:

  1. Reference to the Article
  2. What attracted me to this Article?
  3. What is it about (Problem / Purpose / Research Questions)?
  4. Where does this come from (Literature / Theoretical Framework)?
  5. What did they do (Methodology & Method)?
  6. What did they learn (Results / Discussion)?
  7. What did I learn?

To see more about what I am attempting to do with these Research Summaries, check out my other ones here.

Any feedback, thoughts, ideas, or suggestions are appreciated!

7 thoughts on “Tweeting as Health Communication: A Brief Paper Summary

  1. Great idea – I may try that out. I have a ton of literature to wade through as I prepare my new research proposal. I might some dents over Christmas but need to summarize it all up … I like the format of how to say it in a series of tweets .. 🙂


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