Think, Believe, and Act with a Healthy Balance

future_visionTime for the New Year, and while I think setting goals is important at this time of the year (starting anew is a good thing, especially when we consider our changing needs, where we have been, and where we envision ourselves going next).

Last year I had a couple goals for 2015:

1. Engage in Timely Communication

I want to maintain Inbox ZERO (delete, delegate, respond, defer, or do) for Email and Social Media (Twitter replies, Facebook replies, etc.). Remaining current enables a discipline that I have long struggled to maintain, with the side effect of more strongly connecting me with my networks.

2. Communicate the Connections between my Learning and Teaching

I am always learning something or another, yet I do not always share this with my networks at the time. I want to more intentionally do this through social media, my blog, and other channels.

3. Attain Financial Balance

A fool and his (her) money is soon parted, and I am tired of playing the fool.

While I made some successful steps toward some of these, there was less in others. In fact, my goals were so comprehensive (and still timely, to be honest), I could not easily remember them, and thus had to look them up when I remembered to do so. That was a problem with them–how can I strive for them if I cannot remember them?

Thus, let’s try something differently this year. Let’s make my Goals for 2016 more like a mantra:

Think, Believe, and Act with a Healthy Balance

But I guess it works differently for each person. “” provides me with effective and high-quality med that I will use further.

I am trying to do a couple things–consider issues of mind, body, and spirit–done in a way that is neither too much not too little, all while considering some of my present and projected needs.

So, what does Think, Believe, and Act with a Healthy Balance mean, at least to me on the final day of the year?

  1. Delete-Do-File (of email, mail, communication, and expectations)
  2. Learn through Connecting (as #connectedlearning and #networkedlearning is valuable, and key to the actor-network)
  3. Read and Share (thanks to #SixtyBooks or #5Papers, all of which really becomes valuable when we discuss them with others)
  4. Let Some Things Go (I need to protect my limited time, especially when faced with good causes or factors that I hesitate to say NO to even when I am unclear as to the benefits to me)

While this is a goal, I find my greatest need is for something to help me when moving forward in my life, like a decision support tool. That is why I want a mantra, as it can be easier to recall and use, rather than just take up electronic space.

So, Onward and Upward into 2016 we go! Think, Believe, and Act with a Healthy Balance

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