Co-Creating Curriculum in Higher Education: A Brief Paper Summary

towers-9245_1920Following what I started considering with my article summary yesterday and my intentions to read more in the upcoming year, I decided to read and briefly summarize another article today. Getting some feedback from  and Frances Bell in what this process can be like, here is my second version of this article-a-day. Again, thanks to the folks at #SixtyBooks for the challenge to read more.

What is different today?


Today’s Article Summary is of:

Bergmark, U., & Westman, S. (2015). Co-creating curriculum in higher education: promoting democratic values and a multidimensional view on learning. International Journal for Academic Development, 1–13.


1/ I read Bergmark & Westman (2015) Co-creating curriculum in higher education #30Papers

2/ Co-creating curriculum seems an engaging activity for democratic teacher-learners who will own the product through engagement

3/ Co-creating curriculum is chaotic and messy, and some challenge the notion students should be involved

4/ This case study studied both the teacher as well as the students, using a critical friend for external input and process

5/ The researchers found co-creating curriculum involved ambiguous views and expectations, inspiration and motivation, and transformation

6/ Organizational hindrances invite further research regarding student engagement and institutional structures + regulations

7/ It is surprising little previous research in co-creating curriculum exists; I wonder if #mooc studies have increased this?

8/ I wonder about the implications for future pedagogy; namely, does co-creating curriuculum lead to different teaching in practice?


Any feedback, thoughts, ideas, or suggestions are appreciated!

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