Reading in 2016?

analyzing-scholarly-articlesI want like to read more.

Most people I know, work with, and engage in with my online communities want to read more.

After all, where else can we get new ideas to explore and engage in with our colleagues?

No wonder I have become intrigued by the #SixtyBooks challenge! I have a pile of books taller than me that I want to read, though that many books (even novels and the like) are still a bit daunting . . . though I really like the idea of some reading goal shared on Twitter or elsewhere to use as conversation starters, support structures, and opportunities to connect more deeply with those around us. I wonder if skimming certain sections (many of my “reading” texts are research or theoretical in nature, and do not lend themselves to reading in completion or in a short timeline) may be “permissible” in this idea? Of course, if I am reading for myself, ANYTHING is permissible. Still, there is something to be said about doing this in a way that others can understand and discuss.

Perhaps I should instead consider reading an article a day for a month, something a bit more possible, to get me started? After all, I struggle to blog and keep up with my networks in general, and think that more reading would do me a world of good. Articles (PDF files, specifically) are generally focused (each article has a single Problem that leads to its Purpose and Question to be answered), so why not start there?

So, does anybody know something similar to this challenge that would involve reading (peer-reviewed, academic articles), or perhaps a way that they could be incorporated into this personal, professional development challenge to still enable this with a community? I KNOW I read about somebody who read something every day for a month, though just cannot recall who or when . . .

So, any reading challenges out there anybody has or wants to share?

29 thoughts on “Reading in 2016?

  1. You have really got me thinking Jeffrey. I want to join in but I know I won’t be able to read a paper every day for a month so I think I will join in in my own way. For example, I am thinking that my summary of a possible paper would start with abstract, then conclusions, Intro, etc. and include decision points where I might decide not to finish reading it. Anyway will continue and blog later.

    1. Thanks for your thoughts, Frances!

      I also need to ensure I do not overcommit and then nothing happens, so think I may do the articles just this week and then decide at New Year’s . . .

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