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Half Empty or Half Full?

After a few days away from the #ds106 Daily Create due to work and school, I popped back in today and was intrigued with the invitation: #tdc1484 Half empty or half full? Perhaps that is not the right question all the time, as sometimes a half is better than the whole.

Ideas for a Healthy 2016 Reading Challenge

#Read4Fun Here's a reading challenge I've shared with staff. — Mr Bennett-Surtees (@jackson_surtees) January 18, 2016

3 Haiku: Hope, Dream, Fear

I came across a reference to writing Haiku today related to #CLmooc, somehow connected with #PoetryFriday, and also connected with The Dreams of Dragonflies: A Game about Death Poems (a nicely creative way of writing and discussing haiku through a simple game), and was inspired to try my hand at writing these poems. Remember Haiku,…

Let’s play a game (or at least write a Poem about it)

I have been thinking about Make Cycle #3: Level Up Your Game Design! that begins this week, and found myself chatting about games, which all got me thinking about what we learn and their effects on us. Mind you, I do not use games when I teach or learn, though i have somehow been engaged…

What do I want to do next? A Poem

I have been thinking a log about my work, career, teaching, learning, and accomplishing my PhD, all of which leave me wondering about my next steps. Perhaps this is (not) helped with the creative juices in #CLmooc, but I still find myself asking what should I do for my next professional, personal, and academic steps?…