Goal Statement for 2017: Engage with Balance!

Here is my Goal Statement for 2017:

Engage with Balance

Like 2016’s goal statement of Think, Believe, and Act with a Healthy Balance, I want to try to be proactive and follow my passions while not rushing into things (leaving me out of balance) or otherwise distracting me from my commitments (or even what is good for me). I find that if I only follow my passions, I become increasingly frustrated with things that get in the way, and thus the balance that I so need to embrace, or more actively engage, is defeated. Of course, balance on its own is a meditative state that just does not reflect my passions, and thus the active engage I list with it.

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Looking Back to Look Forward via #5Papers

mixed_resultsI had some mixed results with reading and posting summaries of #5Papers this week, and while that may be expected, it has provided me an opportunity for some reflective practice on this 2016 work I am exploring.

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