Doctoral Thesis (Dissertation) Research – Approved to Begin

I just received final ethical (institutional review board) approval to begin my thesis research!

After adding one sentence to address data encryption, I revised and resubmitted my Invitation to Participate  and Consent Form for my study, Navigating Liminality in Distance Education: The Experiences of Research and Professional Doctorate Learners. I am now ready to go, and expect to create a location for my research information here on my webpage, after which I will talk more specifically about what I hope to study and how I plan to do this.

If you are a doctoral student (or recently completed your doctorate), you just may be a potential participants for my research!  I may ask you to tell me about your experiences . . .

5 thoughts on “Doctoral Thesis (Dissertation) Research – Approved to Begin

      1. Yes, I am almost at the same stage. I hope to receive IRB approval in the next 2-3 weeks.


  1. I will not be doing my research at a specific organization, so I will just need university IRB approval.

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