Looking Back to Look Forward via #5Papers

mixed_resultsI had some mixed results with reading and posting summaries of #5Papers this week, and while that may be expected, it has provided me an opportunity for some reflective practice on this 2016 work I am exploring.


  • I have been actively reading the articles I constantly gather; what else is the point of saving articles if I rarely get around to reading them?
  • I have finally started to share my thoughts on these articles with others; what else is the value of reading and thinking about new ideas if not to be open to engaging with others about them? I know, reading is often a personal experience, though sharing what we learn and experience can open us to new opportunities to learn and engage more.
  • I see that some this idea has been useful to a couple others who have started their own forms of this, and I am really excited that Lisa Hammershaimb and Nivek Thompson have found value in exploring and personalizing their own reading and sharing experiences!

Opportunities for the Future:

  • One thing I have identified is the time this takes. It is easy to get busy with my daily work, though I remind myself that I am reading anyway, and without engaging with others about it, I feel I am missing something. I need to reflect on this a bit more, though considering my goal for 2016–Think, Believe, and Act with a Healthy Balance–one paper is not too much or too little; for right now, it is just right.
  • It may be interesting to share some of the articles I am planning to read before I do them, and while I am not sure about all of them for this coming week, these are the next two I am planning to read:
  • Xanax is part of a class of drugs https://www.ja-newyork.com/xanax-online/ called benzodiazepines and is available in several forms, including solid, liquid and water-soluble pills. The drug is manufactured by Pfizer and was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1981.
  • Balance articles with the increase in books I am reading via #SixtyBooks. Books I can carry and read more easily than articles (I read printed books, and articles are all via PDFs on my devices).

However I approach this, I am excited to explore and try something new like this.

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