Next Week’s Reading via #CLmooc’s #F5F

keep_calm_read_onSeems the #CLmooc overlords 😉 hope we end the week on an up-note, namely with a little (creative learning) game they call Find Five Fridays, #F5F. They post something for us to go find and then report out what it is. While this week’s invitation is to “find five people you’ve already made a connection with in Make Cycle #1,” I thought I would do something somewhat different (why not?).

Instead, I will mention five articles I was referred to this past week BY our #CLmooc community!

Bali, M., Crawford, M., Jessen, R., Signorelli, P., & Zamora, M. (2015). What makes a cMOOC community endure? Multiple participant perspectives from diverse cMOOCs. Educational Media International, 1–16.

Ellsworth, E. (1989). Why doesn’t this feel empowering? Working through the repressive myths of critical pedagogy. Harvard Educational Review, 59(3), 297–325.

Jones, C. (2015). Openness, technologies, business models and austerity. Learning, Media and Technology, 1–22.

Schwind, J. K., Santa-Mina, E., Metersky, K., & Patterson, E. (2015). Using the Narrative Reflective Process to explore how students learn about caring in their nursing program: an arts-informed Narrative Inquiry. Reflective Practice, 1–13.

Walker, S., & Creanor, L. (2012). Towards an ontology of networked learning. In V. Hodgson, C. Jones, M. de Laat, D. McConnell, T. Ryberg, & P. Sloep, (pp. 1–9). Presented at the 8th International Conference on Networked Learning, Maastricht, Netherlands.

These will become next week’s #ACread article summaries, so I will pass this forward!

Let me know if anybody wants to read them and Tweet about them, too . . .

10 thoughts on “Next Week’s Reading via #CLmooc’s #F5F

  1. A good twist. On the other hand, I have missed all the newsletters and only just started getting them — but that’s another story — so didn’t know #F5F had special instructions and just did it the same way as back in 2013. By sheer chance it met the requirement…somewhat, considering I missed make cycle 1. All mooc-met, each in a different mooc, and listed in chronological order. When the next #F5R guidelines come out, I’ll take a look at how to subvert it.

    1. See, I subverted #F5F as I started to work on it also following last year’s comments and posts; seems they subverted their own instructions they shared the previous day!

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