Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2012-09-08

  • The Tribute in Lights at the World Trade Center site is beautiful this evening #nyc #
  • Today in the office I broke my all-time Sent Items record — 106 of them. Yes, I sent 106 emails and appointments today at work. #
  • @DrPabz @christiepooh I would love to see both, in no particular order! in reply to DrPabz #
  • @funaek Great; I can't tell you how many of your images match the real stories of our pugs. Truly, we are even surrounded by pug art! in reply to funaek #
  • @keithschofield All the best with it! in reply to keithschofield #
  • I need to buy a sleeping bag this weekend. Kept putting it off until the last moment. #
  • @Notaphdthesis Yes, join the group! #phdchat in reply to Notaphdthesis #
  • @lizith Keep it up! #phdchat in reply to lizith #
  • @stevewright1976 @debprescott @JaneDavis13 @ocaoimh Now if we can only "see" an avatar for @Chryssa72; ironic given the research topic 😉 in reply to stevewright1976 #
  • @MtnrSmith See; work hard and long enough and we come to some consensus. If only our "leaders" could something similar! in reply to MtnrSmith #
  • The #DNC2012 seems more inclusive than the #RNC2012 (where everybody looked alike). #
  • @klbz I have come to serve. in reply to klbz #
  • @klbz Yes, much of the US media is like water torture; just wears us down and makes us worried (which causes us to watch even more for fear) in reply to klbz #
  • @klbz Yes, hard to remain energized when the news media focuses only on the negative. in reply to klbz #
  • @klbz Scary, ehh? in reply to klbz #
  • President Obama was the strongest this evening than I have seen him in weeks. Good ending. #DNC2012 #
  • What a great quote from Lincoln #DNC2012 #
  • @4KM Alas, have not seen it. in reply to 4KM #
  • @4KM Indeed, President Clinton was fantastic last night #DNC2012 in reply to 4KM #
  • @4KM I think poverty only is necessary if there is an us vs. them perspective . . . in reply to 4KM #
  • @4KM That somehow seems ironic, capitalism expert, ehh?! in reply to 4KM #
  • @4KM I wish he would use some of this oratory to point out the lies and deceptions of his political enemies. He has been too mellow. in reply to 4KM #
  • @4KM A helping hand, yes; however the hand should help up and out, not to maintain the status quo. in reply to 4KM #
  • Goodness, I have not heard citizenship in some time #DNC2012 #
  • @4KM Yes, I think if we all benefit, we all should contribute. Handouts do not help promote empowerment. in reply to 4KM #
  • @4KM Really? I wish he were more divide and conquer. Don't think he is a warmonger like the clown that got us into these wars. in reply to 4KM #
  • Can't help but think everybody should pay the same tax rate. Isn't a flat tax percentage really what is equally fair? #DNC2012 #
  • I really hope we get out of these ridiculous wars, as President Obama is promising #DNC2012 #
  • @4KM A much better solution!! in reply to 4KM #
  • I am still not convinced about the death of Osama Bin Laden #DNC2012 Show us the body. #
  • I hope President Obama did not just advocate for the horror of fracking #DNC2012 #
  • Finally, President Obama is strong on calling Climate Change what it really is #DNC2012 #

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