My First Labyrinth

I have been fascinated with labyrinths since I saw my first one in person on the floor of Chartres Cathedral. Never would have imagined that this passion would have led me to want to build my own, which I did this morning using a smaller version of the Chartres pattern made of flour (ok for the environment AND it allowed me to see what it felt like before I build one next year out of stones.

Thankfully, I was able to walk it a few times before a round of thunder and lightning storms came through and made the pathways disappear. Perhaps there may be a lesson about nature in that.

I wonder how many other people have made something similar, or at least made use of the walking one that somehow seems to clear and focus the mind, body, and spirit?


2 thoughts on “My First Labyrinth

  1. this is sooo beautiful. I have walked on two (both on an incline which seems to make it too difficult. I had never thought of setting one up with flour.
    An ingenious solution to having a meditational walk anytime, anywhere.
    I love also that you describe this as your first, and wish you many more 🙂

  2. Thanks, Ailsa. I am planning to try a different version of this in the spring, again with flower, before I make a more permanent one with bricks as the pathway. Will hope to have some pics to share then.

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