2 thoughts on “Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2011-04-05

  1. I recommend starting with the prescribed norms via the sites themselves, i.e., Terms of Use, etc. Then I’d research norms via popular techie online zines such as TechCrunch N Slashdot. After that I’d compare the terms and norms with usage via an ethnographic study using a strategic or random sample and inquiring of people’s usage (archival research) or perception (interview/survey) in the sample agrees, disagrees, or informs the prescribed norms elsewhere.

    1. Dena, this is very helpful, thank you.

      I am wondering how all this may work with ethical review committees, especially when they work out of frameworks that were developed before some of these issues developed. For example, if I want to study blog comments or Tweets, how could I submit that without an ethical board demanding consent, even if the public information is impractical to pursue consent?


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