Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2011-01-17

  • Became so frustrated with managing multiple versions of files in #Mendeley almost uninstalled it. Not easy to replace syncing files #phdchat #
  • OK, Twitter. Valuable as you are and my only lifeline to humanity at times, I need to leave you for laundry and the snow on the roof. #
  • RT @JaneDavis13: The awareness you are changing – it effects identity #phdemotion #Phdchat // Good point, Jane. Good point. #
  • Today will get some snow off the roof and then catch up on some #PhD reading. One-pager of thesis proposal topic due end of month #phdchat #
  • Have been up since 10 minutes to 6 this morning with the dogs. Listened to early music while starting the fireplace a load of laundry. #
  • LinkedIn Secrets to Success – Website Magazine #

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