Academic “Stuckness”

I recently started to read a most interesting blog, The Thesis Wisperer. While this blog is about doing a doctoral thesis, and my research is about researchers and the research process, it seems a natural fit.

This became even more apparent when I read their newest post, Why you might be ‘stuck.’ This post is about threshold concepts, a topic I have been studying especially intensely recently, that comes from the work of Meyer and Land. Not much to really add to this right now, as I am saving all that for my own research findings. On an even larger note, as I am narrowing down my doctoral research questions, let’s just leave stuckness alone, at least for the time being!

Let’s just say that I envision this being a most important framework for my thesis proposal, whose idea is due to be submitted for review within 2 weeks at Lancaster University. Back to my research . . .

6 thoughts on “Academic “Stuckness”

  1. This is the 2nd time today I’ve heard about Thesis Whisperer. I am off to save it to my Google Reader.

    I feel stuck. I am also becoming more and more interested in transformational learning. One of my comps questions involved that.

    Keep going Jeffrey!

    1. Small world, ehh? Thanks for the encouragement; we both now how helpful it can be at this point in our studies.

      What do you remember about the question on transformative learning?


  2. The question was actually about updating andragogy with current hot topics (so to speak) in adult learning. I chose transformative as a hot topic along with informal learning. I really feel like this is what it is all about right now. I think it’s partly where I am in life and partly social media making connections where there would normally be none. Thus we are all faced with personal learning networks that are literally changing us to the core.

    1. . . . changing us to the core, or not. Makes me wonder if we create a personal learning network (PLN) that is so much like us we are surrounded by people who agree without challenging our thinking. I do not think you do this, but wonder to what extent others may.

      Interesting link of transformative learning with andragogy, as the latter posits levels of interest that are often not there, and transformative learning often occurs when we are not expecting it. Interesting indeed.


      1. That’s a good wonder on PLN. For example, I am working on expanding my PLN of fellow doc students. I think most are in the adult learning/learning technologies arena. So therefore like minded. Yet definitely challenging. And everyone is concentrating on different aspects and expanding my knowledge.

        I certainly would say that some people do.

        The link…in my comps question…I passed! I am planning on working it up to an article. 🙂 Hoping for publishing, natch.

        Good convo!

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