Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2010-12-06

  • I think the dogs want me to give them a bath. Now, where are they hiding? #
  • Trader Joe's has these cute herb trees and desktop holiday bushes. #
  • Left Home Depot sans a new toilet seat. Can not recall if we need a round or elongated one. Not as if I do not think on it daily. #
  • Walking behind this fellow fashionably wearing a short winter cape. Where can I get one? #NYC #
  • While running my errands I just found a new store, The Meadow, that sells finishing salts for cooking and exotic chocolates. #NYC #
  • Really need to break and run some errands RE So enjoy all the creative and informative banter with colleagues here. #
  • I am really getting tired of this automatic Twitter spam and followers based on keywords. RRRRRR #
  • RT @mashable: State Department Official Warns Students Against Discussing WikiLeaks on Facebook, Twitter – // #smfh #
  • I will try a PDF or two with all three to try out for my needs #Papers #Mendeley #ColWiz #phdchat #phd #
  • Seems that when discussing #Papers and #Mendeley and #ColWiz that the Papers users are most devoted (at least this week). #phdchat #
  • Now that I have finally caught up on my RSS feeds (I WISH #FeedDemon would have a Mac version), need to run errands. #
  • Engaging video overview of writing a research paper by @simon_lindgren Clever Jack text use. #phdchat #phd #
  • RT @MoiraH: @monica_murero Is the new book as interesting as you are? I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you at AoIR! #

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