Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2010-12-05

  • Awen #
  • Enough out and about. Traveling home now for a movie while enjoying some nice new bourbon I picked up. #
  • Think I will watch a movie at home tonight unless any of my #NYC colleagues want to meet for a drink. #
  • On my way to meet one of my former students for lunch. #
  • Finished only half of today's errands. #
  • RT @frizzbarks: According to The Oatmeal: @JeffreyKeefer: What is #ff ? // Wonderful! #
  • Anybody else out there in #phdchat #phd use #Papers for research document management? #
  • I think I want to play a computer / online game, and not sure where to start. Many seem to have high learning investments. #
  • Getting a later start with my errands this morning than I expected. #
  • What is #ff ? #
  • I am satisfied using EndNote / RefWorks for bibliographies, but need to better manage who said what and where in the papers #phd #phdchat #
  • What application do you suggest to manage the 183 articles I read and notated to determine if they could be used in my paper? #phd #phdchat #
  • So, I submitted a research paper a bit late this week as I was overwhelmed with processing the literature. #phd #phdchat #
  • There is a problem in my routine when I do not have time to even send a Tweet since this morning. #

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