Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2010-11-08

  • Sweet, the Simpson's annual Treehouse of Horrors is on. #
  • Stopped at Corner Bistro for take out and an old fashioned while I wait. Too bad I don't watch football. #
  • Decided that if I get my work done by 6:00, I will treat myself by going back to the Apple Store (yet again) and buying an Apple TV. #
  • Now, the last Apple workshop I am taking this weekend is beginning – iWeb. #
  • So, seems MobileMe is much more powerful than I initially thought. I see how it can be a threat to Google and Flickr. #
  • Learning that MobileMe has a lot of functionality for sharing files and folders like a personal ftp site. Somewhat flexible options. #
  • This Apple Store is busy, but not as busy as the Soho location. Of course, it is still Sunday around noon. #
  • Heading to the Apple Store in the Meat Market for 2 more sessions. Glad this location is only 5 minutes away. #
  • Very glad Trader Joe's has fresh blueberries and blackberries in stock. Alas, imported. #
  • Installing iLife 11. #
  • Just noticed my Apple sessions are at 1:00 today, not noon. Perhaps I can get to the market first. The kitchen looks like we are rationing. #
  • Decided to sleep in without an alarm, and the doggies made the most of it. We all slept until 9:28. #
  • For those of you in (most of) the US, don't forget to change the time back to standard time (Spring ahead, Fall back) tonight. #
  • I just had a lovely young lady, half my age, ask me to dance with her and her crowd. Alas, I am not good with dares. #
  • At a bar watching a homogenous group of women dance in the most interesting ways to Sir Mix-a-Lot's Baby Got Back. Quite the site. #

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