Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2010-11-07

  • Anybody ever use CleanMyMac from MacPaw ? #
  • Did Facebook notifications change? Have not been getting them and I no longer had many of the options checked. No wonder missing things. #
  • Great suggestions with iCal that ended with how to subscribe to other calendars, such as holiday calendars or sun / moon calendars. #
  • NIce high-level overview of Mail. Now into iCal. #
  • Can hover over dates and contact information in Mail, and you can add it to Address Book or iCal. #
  • Wow, click and drag the url icon from Safari or Firefox to Mail, and it opens mail and puts the url into the body of the email. #
  • Interesting to see some of this stuff about Safari. I do not tend to use the browser, as I prefer FireFox. #
  • Apple > System Preferences > Login Items. Cool. #
  • I like that Safari shortcut Window > Merge All Windows #
  • Perhaps I should liveblog this session. Hmm. #
  • The Apple session is beginning. Theatre. Wireless mic, huge screen, dynamic presenter moving around. Sweet. #
  • Hard to believe there was a recession given the number of people shopping here. #
  • Sitting in the theatre at the Apple Store in Soho waiting for the workshop to begin. #
  • Made it from home to the Apple Store in Soho in 25 minutes flat. That includes a stop at the bank and a quick cappuccino on the way. #
  • Will walk to the fantastic Apple Store in Soho to take a Daily Productivity Workshop. #
  • Time for a little Depeche Mode before I leave for the Apple Store. #
  • Listening to that great album by Sarband and Fadia El-Hage – The Arabian Passion according to J. S. Bach – while ironing. #
  • Dogs are now washed and clean. Takes some time to fully dry, but they have all day, right? #
  • The little girl is now bathed. Now, where is the little guy hiding? #
  • Think the little doggies will get baths this morning. #

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