Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2009-11-30

  • Wonder if the #Jericho comic came out? #
  • Finally getting to lunch. Need coffee and some food. #
  • I am I am I am useful / I am I am I am true / I am I am somebody / I am as good as you – Gloria Gaynor should have been a therapist. #
  • I am what I am / And what I am needs no excuses / I deal my own deck / Sometimes the aces sometimes the deuces – Gloria Gaynor #
  • Working late, so time to bust out iTunes for some useful lyrics. #
  • I just adjusted my blog's by-line, and am thinking of changing the template I use. #blogchat #
  • RT @JDEbberly: @JeffreyKeefer Blogchat is an informative disco between bloggers. We discuss how to improve our blogging #Blogchat #

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