Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2009-09-15

  • In the office early trying to catch up a bit. #
  • The Leno skit with President Obama was quite funny. #
  • Seinfeld is wonderful on Leno. How does Jerry still look and sounds the best. Hard to believe his show has been off for 11 years. #
  • Leno; “If you are going to sleep around, sleep American.” Something about cash for clunkers . . . #
  • The acr wash skit on Leno is about 7 minutes too long. #
  • Did Leno just say the RamRod and the Sphincter? Wonder where the latter is? #
  • Jay’s opening music? Could it get any more boring? Seems more like daytime than prime time. #
  • Very excited Jay Leno is finally on. #
  • Hairo Torres was excellent, but his act has been better. He will have a great future. #
  • Barbara Padilla is singing wonderfully. #
  • Finally leaving the office, with fresh ground coffee from Zabar’s in hand. #
  • Helping a colleague register her domain name. Rather important to own your online identity. #
  • and the meetings begin. #

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